ArthVeda’s Alpha India L50 ranked top HF strategy by Preqin

Smart Alpha-based Alpha India L50, the flagship strategy of Mumbai-based ArthVeda fund management is ranked as the No1 strategy out of 11,200 hedge funds across the globe, in Preqin’s Annual Global Hedge Fund Report 2015.

Smart Alpha, a variant of Smart Beta, is ArthVeda Capital’s rules-based investing methodology based on Warren Buffets’ value-investing principles designed to harvest pure-alpha, ie risk-free -returns along with the fundamental returns of the underlying businesses.

Bikram Sen, CEO, ArthVeda Fund Management Pvt Ltd, says:“This ranking proves that India can be a hub for global fund management services given the kind of talent and expertise that is available in India. Typically, the global financial hubs, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius etc. are places where the Indian fund managers sit and manage the funds of Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI or FII).  The total FII money in India is USD0.5 trillion and is expected to be in the range of USD3 trillion in 2025. There is no reason, except certain taxation and regulatory issues, such as, ‘permanent establishment’ (PE) why this cannot be managed from India.”

Amy Bensted, Head of Hedge Fund Products, Preqin, says: “The Indian alternative fund market has witnessed rapid expansion in the past year as a result of the growing opportunities in the markets in the region. It has been reported that the Indian alternative fund sector has nearly doubled over the course of 2014.”